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I've got a generic cheap Chinese 160/900mm Newton Reflector Telescope as well an old school 60s 60/700mm Tasco Refractor for use with 1" oculars.

Homebrew CMOS Camera for my Telescope

Professional CMOS Cameras for Telescopes aren't cheap as such I've decided to build my own using a Microsoft Lifecam 3000. Basic steps are to take the camera out of the case, remove the lens so that you've got the CMOS Sensor exposed (don't touch!) and put it in some case. You can use an old photographic film tubes as the inner ocular piece as they are essentially 1.25".

The following shows some of the results from the camera. I've found the camera to only pick up really bright objects. However the light pollution around my area is also quite high as such there might be better results in lower light polluted areas.