My Datacenter

Serving the Internet since 2010

Since fall 2009 I have a dedicated G.SHDSL (since 2017 or so it's symmetric ADSL) internet connection for my basement based datacentre which I use to host my private endeavors including this website.

Also I do have two Silicon Graphic Origin 2000 Supercomputers . They work fine but I don't usually power them up especially since they take a tremendous amount of energy (that's for one module out of two in a rack! And there is also the MMSC controller and a disk array per rack with their own power supplies as well) and heat up the rooms quite fast. For playing with IRIX I have a smaller Origin 200 as well however.

Due to the unbearably expensive electricity costs here in Germany (> 30cents per kW/h as of 2018) I've had to severely scale down operations.