Massive Open Online Courses

Aside from my actual University studies I also occasionally do MOOCs. I do them mostly for fun so that I can try out some new points of interest, or exercise and advance in topics I already have experience with. Here is a list of modules I have completed and got a statement of accomplishment for:

Where Module Finished
edX ANU-ASTRO1x: Greates Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe June 20th, 2014
edX ANU-ASTRO2x: Exoplanets September 20th, 2014
edX ANU-ASTRO3x: The Violent Universe August 26th, 2015
edX PHYS201x: Waves & Optics December 19th, 2014
edX HYPERS301.x: Hypersonics - from shock waves to scramjets August 3rd, 2015
edX ME209.1x: Thermodynamics July 10th, 2015
edX TBOMx: The Business of Mining August 1st, 2015
edX HumBio101x: Essential Human Biology: Cells and Tissues August 17th, 2015
edX CSE167x: Computer Graphics February 26th, 2016
Stepik Linear Algebra: Problems and Methods September 21th, 2017
Stepik Data Structures June 15th, 2018