HDL Implementations of Processors

Hardware Description Language implementations of various old 60's, 70's and 80's computers and processors that I have written over time. Mostly as an exercise but also for fun.

Word Width Model Status Language Link/Download
16-bit Data General NOVA 1
  • Can execute all standard instructions
  • IO bus specified
  • All IO devices incomplete or not implemented
Verilog Github
18-bit DEC PDP1
  • All PDP1 and some PDP1-D instructions implemented
  • Passes almost all paper tape instruction tests
  • IO Bus specified
  • No IO devices implemented
Verilog Github
12-bit CDC 160
  • So far just the instruction decoder
Chisel Github
24-bit RCA 110
  • Can execute some instructions
  • Only one manual on Bitsavers which contradicts itself on some instructions
  • Indefinitely stalled until I get a better reference
Verilog Github
1-bit MC14500b
  • Complete
  • Companion chips from Manual included
Verilog tar archive

Microscope Modifications

Telescope Modifications